Monday, October 17, 2011

238-288: I'm Back!

So I think it's time I catch you guys up on my 365...

Day 238:

This photo is part of my Inspired By Song Lyrics series.  It's inspired by the song "Angels" by American Bang.

"She lies in the bed wishing she was there at the show"

 It's got a Country twang to it, but it's considered Rock.  Which I hate because I can't stand Country.  I just like the lyrics.  You can listen here.

Day 239:

This is a set list from when I saw Crossfade on August 23rd. Signed by Ed Sloan (lead vocals), Les Hall...aka 537 (guitar), Mitch James (bass/backing vocals) and Mark Castillo (drummer)

Day 240:

One of my favorite books Story Of A Girl  by Sara Zarr

Day 241:

This photo is inspired by "Heart Like A Kingdom" by Boom The Wheel. 

"Use your outside voice; remove the tape from your mouth"

Day 242:

Day 243:

Day 244:

Day 245:

Day 246:

Day 247:

Day 248:

Sign in front of the Villa Marre in Little Rock (mansion used in the TV show Designing Women.)

Day 249:

This is a bench in Little Rock.  I had been wanting to photograph it for a long time, but couldn't ever find it.  The Love Bench is very popular subject amoung Arkansas photographers.  I finally found it.  I got a comment by a user on Flickr asking where this was.   Glad to know I wasn't the only one how had trouble finding it.

Day 250:

A blueberry poptart (I hate this picture...I was lacking inpiratuon.)

Day 251:

Coffee from Baskin Robbins.  I also hate this photo, was still lacking inspiration.

Day 252:

I dyed my hair purple on this day. (Just bangs and some streaks.) inspired by "Purple" by Pop Evil (they're talking about a tattoo; but whatever, purple hair...purple tattoo; close enough.


A full picture of the Villa Marre.

Day 254:

Day 255:

This is the day I got a new lens (28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM) I love it! It is pretty much the only lens I have used since I bought it.

Day 256:

I went to see Hawthorne Heights, this is James Prather, he is a member of ViFolly. (If you click their name you will be taken to their Facebook page where you can listen to their awesome music.)  They opened for Hawthorne Heights.  They are now one of my favorite bands.  I really like how well this new lens works for shows.  This is one of my favorite show shots I have taken...ever.

Day 257:

Micah Carli (Hawthorne Heights)

Day 258:

My little Doodlebug had to get glasses.

Day 259:

Her little feet.

 Day 260:

I broke these sunglasses a few days ago.  I had them for atleast a year and a half. (That is a record for me, normally I have them for about a day before they get lost or broken.)  I'm pretty sad, they were my favorite.

Day 261:

This is a robot necklace I got from Forever 21.  Haven't worn it yet, the chain is way too long.

Day 262:

On this day I went to see 10 Years.  A local band opened for them.  Blind Mary.  I had seen Blind Mary once with Crossfade, they are really good. One of my favorite photos of the night.

Day 263:

Jesse Hasek (10 Years)

Day 264:

In 2005 I went to the Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting, Shakira, Jesse McCartney and Jimmy Buffett performed.  After the show I met Jimmy and he gave me this pick.

Day 265:

I bought a puppy.  He is a Sheltie.  Four months old.  His name is Eddie.

Day 266:

Day 267:

Day 268:

Day 269:

We raise chickens they are now laying white, brown and blue-green eggs.

Day 270:

Eddie is not a fan of the leash.

Day 271:

10 Years set list and pick.

Day 272:

I finally bought a pair of yellow Converse.  I have been wanting them for a long time. I also got purple and a pair of red.

Day 273:

Day 274:

I saw Aranda open for Hinder.  I love this picture Gabe is holding the guitar for his brother Dameon so he can play it using his boot.  This was my fourth time to see these guys.  Love them!  Every show I try to get a shot of this happening and up until now it has always failed.  I just wish I would have been zoomed out a little more so Dameon's boot could be seen better.

Day 275:

Austin Winkler and Joe Garvey of Hinder.

Day 276:

Day 277:

Day 278:

This was the day Steve Jobs died.  I am so thankful for everything he created.  Not a day goes by that I don't use my iPhone or iPod.  This song has nothing to do with that...I bought ticket to see Pop Evil that day.  The show is on Tuesday.  I am so excited.  I haven't seen them since the first time I saw Crossfade in June.

Day 279:

Day 280:

Swing in my parents backyard.

Day 281:

This is either a Cavo or Theory Of A Deadman pick, I can't remember which.

Day 282:

You might remember these guys from day 5.

Day 283:

Mom's cat Joplin (named after Missouri.)

Day 284:

Eddie has been playing with the chickens.

Day 285:

Day 286:

Jance of Boom The Wheel.

Day 287:

Wesley of Belair.

Day 288:

Doodlebug eating a Halloween cupcake.  Well, actually she just licks the frosting off and throws the cake away. :)

This is pretty much picture overload probably.  I just wanted to get caught up.  I'll post more tomorrow.  Really...I will...I'm even going to set Blogger as my homepage so I don't forget.  I will try my hardest to never get this far behind again.


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