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I think it's time to bring the rockstars back into Rockstars and Randomness.  It's been a long time since I've done an 'actual' post.  I started writing this not long after I went to the show, but then I got I guess what you could call Writer's Block.  On top of that I had to start getting ready to move, then I had some health issues and didn't feel like blogging.

On May 2nd, I went back to Juanita's to see The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  This time I saw the show by myself, because Heather didn't want to go two nights in a row; plus she didn't have a babysitter for McKynley. She does like RJA though.

When I got there the doors were already opened, The Action Blast was sound checking.  I didn't know they were going to be there again.  I liked getting to see them two nights in row. To read the post from the night before click here (you can also listen to Action Blast's song "Find Resolution" if you click the link.)  The lead singer was nice and would occasionally pose for me so I could get a picture.  I wish they would have turned out better though:

 After The Action Blast was Belair. They are a Christian band; they were really good. You can click their name and be taken to another post I wrote about them, where you can listen to their music.

Then it was time for Boom The Wheel.  When I first got to the show a girl named Natalia came and talked to me for a while.  She was really nice, pretty and had awesome style.  I didn't know this at the time but she is their lead singer.

As I've said many times, I'm not a fan of many female lead singers (with the exception of Hayley Williams of Paramore)  but now I can add Natalia to my exception list.  Love her voice. Actually Boom The Wheel reminds me a lot of Paramore. If you click the link in the above paragraph you will be taken to another post of mine about them where you can listen to my favorite song of theirs: "No Addiction Of Mine."  Natalia has very good stage presence and knows how to connect well with the audience.  They are from Arkansas, so hopefully I'll get the chance to see them often:





Then it was time for The Red Jumpsuit Appartus.  I went to Riverfest in 2007 with my cousin Cara and "saw" them.  Although it was so crowded that we couldn't see anything.  A few times during their performance we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Ronnie Winter (lead singer.)

 This photo is so bad I didn't even want to put my name on it.

Anyway back to this year-

I was very excited that they were coming back, they hadn't been to Arkansas in four years.  (they came once after Riverfest, but I didn't know so I missed it.)

When RJA took the stage I was sad to find that Ronnie's hair is not long anymore.  (Yes, the man is allowed to cut his's just when you think of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus you think about Ronnie's awesome long hair...or maybe that's just me.)  He cut it for a good cause though.  He gave it to Locks of Love.  The show was awesome, I took a lot of video:

"Cat and Mouse"

"Face Down"

"False Pretense"

"Damn Regret"

"Your Guardian Angel"


Joey (I think that's what his name is, I'm not completely sure):


PS: I  found out today that Aranda and Crossfade are coming to Juanita's on August 23rd.  I'm really excited since I love both of those bands.  I still need to write the post for when I saw Aranda in May and Crossfade in June.  Hopefully that will happen before the 23rd.  I'll do a 365 update tomorrow.

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