Thursday, August 25, 2011

233-237: We All Bleed

Day 233:

Brook and I went for a "walk" and I took this of her while she wasn't paying attention.

Day 234:

Little Rock has a weekly magazine/newspaper that tells you about local events...such as what shows are happing that week.  Since I was going to see Crossfade the next day I thought this would be a cool picture.

Day 235:

Aranda opened the show.  I love seeing them live. The are so much fun to photograph.  They always put on a great performance.

Day 236:

Les Hall of Crossfade.  I think this is one of my favorite show shots I have taken.

Day 237:

A few days ago my Dad gave me his old tripod and then I ordered a remote from Amazon.  This was my first time to use both of them.

Tomorrow I'll write the post about the first time I saw Crossfade on June 10th.


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