Sunday, July 31, 2011

Days 200-210

So sorry I haven't posted in forever.  I've been having anxiety/health issues lately and haven't really felt like blogging...anyway, here we go:

Day 200:


Day 201:

This is my scentsy pot

Day 202:


Day 203:

Back of my Converse

Day 204:

I shot my first "real" wedding.  This was the bride and groom's first dance.

Day 205:

A gallon of white paint

Day 206:

A Church.

Day 207:

McKynley and I played with blocks all day.

Day 208:

 This is an old telephone booth in Little Rock, that I have been wanting to photograph ever since I started this project.  It is pretty close to Juanita's (they moved to a new location) one of the reasons we went to Little Rock that day is because I hadn't been to the new Juanita's yet and wanted to check it out.  While we were there we decided to eat (it's not only a show venue, but also a Mexican restaurant.)

While we were there I saw Avery (bass player of Boom The Wheel) he is a waiter there.

"Speaking" of Boom The Wheel; I went to their show last that for the next post.

Day 209:

Decorative elephant.

Day 210:

Abercrombie and Fitch jeans.


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