Friday, July 8, 2011

185-188: Rainbow Wall

Day 185:

On the fourth my parents and I went to Little Rock to see fireworks at the River Market.  This is a mother and her childen standing near us waiting for the fireworks to begin

I have been thinking about making business cards lately; I wish I would have had one to give to this lady that night, since she knew I was photographing them.

That night was my first try at shooting fireworks.

Day 186:

This is a metal wall in Kyle's living room.  I love how the night light kind of creates a rainbow against the rusted metal.

Day 187:

This ball belongs to McKynley; it lights up when you throw it.  I tried photographing it while it's lights were on, but it didn't look very good.

Day 188:

Heather eating watermelon.  Well, actually I asked her to pretend to eat it so I could get this shot.  She isn't the best of models.  She doesn't have enough patience for it.  I'll ask her to be my model for a photo idea and she says stuff like: "Why would you want me to do that...that's silly?"

I wish I could find someone who would always be a model for me.  It would make my 365 a lot more interesting.  I have tons of good photo ideas I just need to get someone that would willingly help me bring them to life.


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