Sunday, July 31, 2011

Days 200-210

So sorry I haven't posted in forever.  I've been having anxiety/health issues lately and haven't really felt like blogging...anyway, here we go:

Day 200:


Day 201:

This is my scentsy pot

Day 202:


Day 203:

Back of my Converse

Day 204:

I shot my first "real" wedding.  This was the bride and groom's first dance.

Day 205:

A gallon of white paint

Day 206:

A Church.

Day 207:

McKynley and I played with blocks all day.

Day 208:

 This is an old telephone booth in Little Rock, that I have been wanting to photograph ever since I started this project.  It is pretty close to Juanita's (they moved to a new location) one of the reasons we went to Little Rock that day is because I hadn't been to the new Juanita's yet and wanted to check it out.  While we were there we decided to eat (it's not only a show venue, but also a Mexican restaurant.)

While we were there I saw Avery (bass player of Boom The Wheel) he is a waiter there.

"Speaking" of Boom The Wheel; I went to their show last that for the next post.

Day 209:

Decorative elephant.

Day 210:

Abercrombie and Fitch jeans.


Monday, July 18, 2011

190-199/365: Doodlebug Can Play the Trumbone

Day 190:

When we got to Texas this sock monkey was waiting for McKynley. Uncle Bruce, Aunt Nancy and Nicole got it for her as a birthday gift.  At first she was afraid of it...but then she started to like him.

Day 191:

My Uncle and his family are all very musically inclined. Aunt Nancy and Nicole are amazing singers, they very good at playing the piano.  This is the piano that they have in their living room.

Day 192:

Uncle Bruce has been playing the trumbone for years.  The reason we went to Texas last week was so that we could go to my cousin's wedding reception.  The actually wedding was held June 25th. (The same day we had Aunt Pam's wedding in our garden.)  It was a very nice reception.  Uncle Bruce and his band played all night; people danced and everyone had a great time.  Kynley kept wanting to play Uncle Bruce's trumbone.

I love this picture, despite the fact that I caught Uncle Bruce in the middle of laughing.  I think it is the only picture Aunt Nancy and Uncle have ever been in with McKynley.

Day 193: Not really though, I cheated...oops!

When I started this project I told myself I would never cheat.  Well I had to for day 193.  This is actually still day 192.  My Dad pouring a glass of wine for  Ester (the groom's aunt.)

We left Texas on the actual day 193;spent about 13 hours in the car. Everyone was cranky and tired.  Every picture I took that day turned out horribly blurry. 

Day 194:

I have always wanted a Polaroid instant camera.  I won this one off ebay on the 4th of July.

Day 195:

Well...this is a strawberry.

 Day 196:

I bought a scentsy pot a few weeks ago.  This is the on/off switch for it.

Day 197:

Brook and went to the movies and saw Monte Carlo...It was really good.

Day 198:

Brook now works at a bakery in a local grovery store, so she has taken interest in decorating cakes.  After going to the movies on day 197 we decided to make a cake.  It took forever to make.  We waited until day 198 to decorate it.  The top layer is strawberry and the bottom layer is dark chocolate.  It has buttercream frosting.  Tastes so good.

Day 199:

While unpacking a box today I found this cat.  It is an earring holder.  My Nanny gave it to me after I got my ears pierced when I was seven.


Friday, July 8, 2011

189/365: Road Trip

We're heading to Texas tonight to visit family that we haven't seen in over a year.  It's gonna be fun.  So I probably won't blog for a few days.  Then when we get back I am going to go see Jack's Mannequin on Wednesday.  I am excited I haven't seen them since 2004 when I saw Paramore and Phantom Planet.


185-188: Rainbow Wall

Day 185:

On the fourth my parents and I went to Little Rock to see fireworks at the River Market.  This is a mother and her childen standing near us waiting for the fireworks to begin

I have been thinking about making business cards lately; I wish I would have had one to give to this lady that night, since she knew I was photographing them.

That night was my first try at shooting fireworks.

Day 186:

This is a metal wall in Kyle's living room.  I love how the night light kind of creates a rainbow against the rusted metal.

Day 187:

This ball belongs to McKynley; it lights up when you throw it.  I tried photographing it while it's lights were on, but it didn't look very good.

Day 188:

Heather eating watermelon.  Well, actually I asked her to pretend to eat it so I could get this shot.  She isn't the best of models.  She doesn't have enough patience for it.  I'll ask her to be my model for a photo idea and she says stuff like: "Why would you want me to do that...that's silly?"

I wish I could find someone who would always be a model for me.  It would make my 365 a lot more interesting.  I have tons of good photo ideas I just need to get someone that would willingly help me bring them to life.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

184/365: Kitty

Joplin is getting so big already.  Such a sweet kitty.  She is very interested in the camera and loves to have her picture taken.
Tomorrow I am going to try to finally finish my The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus post.  It’s almost done...I just need to add a few more photos and videos.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

183/365: Happy (almost) Birthday Doodlebug!

Today we had McKynley's birthday party...her birthday is actually tomorrow. She loved her Tinkerbell cake.


Friday, July 1, 2011

181-182: Spitting Turtle

Day 181:

My parents pond.

Day 182:

I don't know why, but I love pictures of people looking through windows.  My little Doodlebug, I can't believe she is going to be 3 on Sunday.  She's growing up way too fast.

For Grace's Snap & Share.  There is not a theme this week:

 Day Lilly in my Mom's garden.  SOOC.  (Straight Out Of Camera) This is my favorite photo I have ever taken....I'm pretty sure.

Grace Loves the Beatles