Tuesday, June 14, 2011

160-164 "...Cause I Saved A Few and I Keep Them In a Jar"

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

Day 160:

I had been planning on doing a photo inspired by "Fireflies" by Owl City sometime during this project, but I didn't know how I was going to do it.  Thursday my cousin Logan came over and we spent the entire day outside.  It was getting late and I didn't have my picture of the day yet.  Logan saw a firefly and started talking about how he and his friend's used to catch them at his Dad's house.

I asked my mom to go get a jar; I was just going to get Logan to catch some for me so I could photograph them in the jar.  I managed to snap this shot of him catching them and decided it would be much better.

"Fireflies" by Owl City:

Day 161:

Friday I saw Pop Evil open for Crossfade at Juanita's.

Day 162:

It was midnight by the time Crossfade took the stage. I always love when that happens...because then I  don't have to worry about what I'm going photograph for that day.  I'll write about the show sometime this week. Tuesday. (I really will. I promise.)

Day 163:

After the show I stayed up until 6 in the morning and then woke up at 7 to go to the lake with Brook.  We didn't get home from the lake until 11PM.  I was so tired.  I spent most day 163 in bed.  I was lazy and asked Kynley to come in my room so I could take her picture so I didn't have to get out of bed.  Thankfully  she was in a happy mood and agreed to let me photograph her.  We decided to make silly faces.


I see other photographers do shots like this; light and dream like.  I've always loved them and wished I could figure out how to make my pictures turn out that way.  I finally figured it out.  This was my first real try at it. At first I didn't like the photo since it is only half of my face...but I keeps growing on me each time I see it.  I'm not very good at self portraits. 


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