Tuesday, June 7, 2011

156/158: Thank You For Smoking

Day 156:

My Mom's birthday.

On my Mom's birthday in 1999 my Uncle Mike died. On her birthday this year my Mom's Uncle Johnny died.

A few years after my Uncle Mike died I wrote a poem about that day:

The Day We Lost It All

I was nine

I thought everything

was going to be fine

but when my Grandma got that call

it felt like the world was going to fall

the day we lost it all

Sometimes I wonder

how it would be

if he were still

here with me

I didn’t really understand

why he had to leave

but I believe I will

see him again

someday soon

The day we lost it all

I couldn’t believe he was gone

I didn’t want to face it

but I had to

he was my Uncle

he was my friend

I was so sad the day his life came to an end

Day 157:

I decided that I'm going to start a new series of photos: Based On Song Lyrics.  First up "Breathe" Ryan Star.  In this series a line from a song/the theme of a song will be "acted out" in a photo.

Yes I know playing Scrabble has nothing to do with "Breathe" I just thought it would make for a cool photo.

I'm really excited about this series.   No more pictures of boring objects or food...moving on to using models and props. It's going to be fun!  I even bought a planner and planned out photo ideas, I have two months worth of photo ideas already.

Day 158:

Ever since I started my 365 I have want to take a picture that revolved around a cigarette;  I don't know why.  I don't smoke.  Heather does on occasion. I told her about my planner and that I didn't think I had anything in there that I could do today, except for the cigarette.  She pulled a brand new carton out of  her shopping bag and said she could help me with that. 

We went outside and I took 2 or 3 shots before deciding that the shot would turn out better when it got dark outside; so you could easily see the smoke.  Heather took a nap and told me to wake her up when I was ready to try again...

I did; but she was too tired to go out and try again so I am stuck with this shot...which after a little editing I think I might like it better than what I would have gotten in the dark.

"Breathe" by Ryan Star music video:


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