Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- RED with Lovers and Liars

This post is late...I've been promising it for a while now.   On May 1st Heather, Kyle and I went to Juanita's because Lovers and Liars was opening for RED.  This was my 3rd time to see Lovers and Liars.  You may remember when I saw RED for the first time in March.

We arrived at Juanita's about an hour before the doors opened (Cause I refuse to be anywhere but front row. Gotta get there early to protect my spot.)   It was cold outside; Heather and Kyle were hungry so they went over to Midtown to get burgers.  I stayed in line, but was freaking out the whole time that they wouldn't make it back in time before the doors opened to take me in.  

While I was waiting I could hear Lovers and Liars doing sound check with their song "Nothing Left Here To Burn"  Heather and Kyle made it back just a couple minutes before the doors opened and I was able to get my spot.

L+L was awesome...I always forget to take video when I see them, dang it! Next time I will.  Stephen (drummer) was set up at the side of the stage this time instead of the back.  He was on my side.  I was happy cause it is hard to get pictures of drummers, so I knew with him being so close I had a good chance of getting an awesome shot.




and you know I always have to get a shot like this; thought I'd change things up a little and go with sepia:


The next band was The Action Blast.  They were really good.  Actually I think I wrote about them a few days ago, but when Blogger stopped working the day I think the post got deleted.  Oh well...stupid Blogger.

Find more The Action Blast songs at Myspace Music

After The Action Blast was a band called Taddy Porter,  I had heard of them and been asked to go to one of their shows before, but it never worked out.  I had never listened to them though.  They were good, although I couldn't understand any of the words they were singing.  Maybe it was just because I didn't know the songs, or I guess it's possible that I'm going deaf.  Hopefully the first option.

Then it was time for RED.  They were honestly the most elaborate show I have ever seen put on at Juanita's, They had a fog machine and in all the times I've been there I have never seen the lights being used as much as RED used them it was borderline annoying actually, they never stopped flashing.  It was driving my eyes crazy.  They did make for good pictures though.

The lead singer kept sweating and spitting all over me, it was gross.  At one point sweat almost got in my mouth. People were crazy.  Bumping into me and stepping all over my feet.  It was fun though. At the very end of their set they filled the room with fog.  It was cold and I gotta say I wasn't really a fan of the fog.   After it was over Heather said she was never going to a RED show again.


I took video of RED"s song "Breathe Into Me" sound quality isn't that great and at one point I sat the phone down to take a picture so there is a part of the video that is just pure blackness...but you can watch it just to see how crazy everything was:

When it was all over we went to talk to Lovers and Liars.  Adam said during the show he was worried that he was bleeding all over me, because he cut his finger while playing. Lucky for me  he didn't get blood on me, I guess it wouldn't really have mattered anyway since by the end of the show I had been sweat and spat on, why not go ahead and throw a little blood into the mix.  I hope they come back really soon.  I'm ready for them to do a headlining show in Little Rock.


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