Sunday, May 29, 2011

145-148: Through the Eye of a Mule

Day 145:

Water droplets on the sink. 

Day 146:

McKynley swinging at Mimi and Papa's house. I think this may be my favorite shot I have ever taken of my little doodlebug.

Day 147:

My family and I went to visit a family friend's little "farm" they have mules, chickens, goats and miniature horses. McKynley loved it.  Apparantly mules love me (or cameras) they wouldn't leave me alone...they are so sweet; I want one. 

Day 148:

Tonight Brook and I went to eat dinner with her step mom and step uncle along with some of their friends at a place in Little Rock called Mimi's Cafe.  It's so good. They have the best muffins that are free with every meal.


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