Monday, May 9, 2011

129/365: Legos?

I'm not too happy with this photo, but it's the best I got today.  First time I've used flash in months.  I hate flash; but nothing was making me happy so I kinda had to use it. 

 I tried to get a good shot of McKynley playing with these Legos she found. (I'm not sure if they are real Legos though, cause they were very hard to stick together and fell apart easily.) When I was little I played with Legos all the time and I don't remember them being this crappy.

McKynley wouldn't let me photograph her while she was playing, so I built my own tower to photograph.  I'm not sure why they give you a flag that says 'bus' on it. That's a little random...but whatever.

I might start photographing weddings soon, so that's gonna be exciting if it actually happens.  Fingers crossed.

We're taking a family trip to Texas in a few days and going to Six Flags, hopefully I'll capture some good stuff while we're there.  Also, I hope Bugs Bunny stays far away from me...I don't do big bunnies just like I don't do big rats. 


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