Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Don't Panic, You Can Handle It...It's Just a School Boy Night"

Ok so remember how I saw School Boy Humor last month and I told you I would tell you more about it later? Wll now it's later and I'm bored so I'll tell you. 

March 13th Heather and I went to The Rev Room to see our friends School Boy Humor play another hometown show.  This was our 3rd time to see them. It was however the first time we got to see them perform as a full band.  To read about the other 2 times click here and here.

A friend Heather and I went to school with named Stephanie "Miss Hootie" Weaver opened with Dylan Duggar as Pretty People Posse  They were really good.  Stephanie only got to sing one song though...hopefully we will get the chance to see her sing more sometime soon. 

After "Miss Hootie" was Free Micah, they are from Little Rock.  You may remember them from the time they opened for Ryan Star and Thriving Ivory.  They did better than the first time I saw them...and if I can remember correctly they were all fully clothed this time.

Then it was time for School Boy.  As I said in the post a few weeks ago, the full band show was good...and I was glad to see them up on stage jumping  around having fun ..but I think I would prefer to see these guys play acoustic.  This was their first time to play as a full band at a home show in 2 years.

I took video but I think it is poor quality and not really worth posting.  Sorry.  This show was pretty short; it was over by 9 and they didn't get the chance to sing many songs because the venue was closing early.  Most shows I go to don't even start til 9.



This is the best shot I could get of Phil, he was constantly moving.

After it was over we went over to talk to Anthony and take pictures.  We tried taking pictures together before the show, but my camera kept acting crazy and wouldn't let us.  I look like I am on crack in the picture so I am not gonna show it to you.

 I have noticed a large amount of my traffic flow comes from people Google and/or Bing image searching School Boy Humor/Anthony Evans. For awhile there was a picture of Anthony and I on the first page of Bing when you searched them/him.  It was an awful picture...though it is better than the one that I am refusing to show you, because I would hate if I did and that one also showed up on the first page anytime someone did a SBH search.

I mean don't get me wrong I was kinda excited when I saw that our picture was one of the first ones to pop up, but I just wish it would have been a good one.  We've never taken a good picture together unfortunately. 

Anyway here is the picture of Anthony and Heather:

 Sadly I didn't get to talk to Phil at all that night.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'll see them again soon.  Before we left Anthony jokingly said he'd see me at Kroger next week.  I promise you everytime I go grocery shopping there while they are home from touring I see him, it's like he lives there or something. :)


PS: Lovers and Liars tomorrow. So excited! Oh and the title of this post comes from "Don't Be Scared" (It's Just a Kick and a Snare) by School Boy Humor:

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