Tuesday, March 29, 2011

87/365: Starbucks

I am addicted to these. I have to drink one every night before I go to sleep. Weird I know, I probably should drink them in the morning instead; but I haven't been able to break the nighttime habit yet.  This isn't the picture I wanted, I took pictures all day long...but nothing worked out the way I wanted.  This was taken about five minutes before midnight.

I am going to visit my parents today, so hopefully I can get some good shots while I'm in my hometown.  I am so bored with photographing food and drinks.  Honestly though my life is lacking excitement lately so it's all I can do.  I've been trying to think of interesting things/places to photograph in Arkansas and I've come up with a few ideas; I just haven't had the chance to try any of those ideas out yet.


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