Saturday, March 26, 2011

81-84: Branson

Day 81:

Brook swimming in the indoor hotel pool

Day 82: 

My cousin Cara playing a Batman game at the outlet mall in Branson, MO

Day 83: 

When we were at the outlet mall I bought a turquoise and white striped polo shirt. My mom named me Lauren because she liked a bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume she least that's what I've always heard.

Day 84:

The day we left Branson Heather and I saw they had a Famous Dave's we wanted to eat there but Brook and Cara didn't want to, so Heather and I went to the one in Little Rock last night.

I'll tell you more about the trip later. It was really fun, I think all of us (Brook, Cara, Heather and I) had a great time.  I skipped Black and White Wednesday this week; I'll get back to that next week.


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