Sunday, March 6, 2011

64-65/365 "Breathe Your Life Into Me"

Sorry I'm just now posting day 64.  Last night Brook, Donnie and I went to Winter Jam. It's a Christian concert.  It was really awesome.  I'll write more about it later.  We sat in the lowest balcony.  I am terrified of heights, normally when I go to Verizon Arena and have to set in a balcony I completely freak out; shake the whole time, can't look down at the stage and it is basically a waste of money for me. 

However this year I want to live without fear.  I noticed at the beginning of the year a lot of bloggers picked a word they were going to focus on throughout 2011. For example: Happiness.  They would make it a point in their life this year to become a happier person.  

Mine is more of a phrase, but whatever: no fear.  I have lived much of my life in fear and I'm tired of it.  All of the times my family has gone on a cruise, I never went with them; because I was afraid.  I have never flown in a plane; because I have a fear it will crash/I'm afraid of heights (the reason why I've never been to Ohio.)  I have a lot of other fears...but this would be a never-ending blog post if I listed them all.

Anyways, back to last night.  You didn't have an assigned seat, you sat where you found an empty seat.  If you got there really early you could get a wristband and sit/stand on the floor; which is what I was hoping for, but that didn't work out.  I decided to go with no fear and sit in the balcony.  Everything turned out fine and I enjoyed the show.  I wasn't afraid.  There were a few times that  I started to freak out, but then I calmed down and told myself God was with me.

You aren't normally allowed to have cameras at Verizon Arena, but they didn't check my bag this time.  I was very happy about this since I still needed day 64 for my 365 project. I wish I had a lens with a lot of zoom, so this picture of Red would have turned out better...maybe one day I'll be able to get one.

Day 65:

The title of this post comes from "Breathe Into Me" by Red


PS: 300 more days til this project is over.

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