Monday, February 14, 2011

"...Because My Heart is in Ohio"

I had wanted to see Hawthorne Heights for at least six years but never got the chance to see them when they were in town; they pretty much come to Little Rock at least once a year. When I found out they were coming a few weeks ago I debated even bothering to try to convince someone to take me since I had failed at that so many times in the past.

  Heather never wanted to take me because she hates screamo, I would tell her they didn't scream that much, but she still refused.  Once I did convince her to take me...but since I'm brilliant I forgot to buy the tickets.

I'm always kinda nervous to ask/convince someone to take me to a show, because I know they don't really want to and half the time they don't even know who the artist is.  I was finally ready to ask Heather to take me to see Hawthorne Heights when I got on Facebook and saw a link had been shared on my wall saying that Lovers and Liars was also going to be taking part in the show.  Heather liked them when we saw them do a show with Thriving Ivory in December; so I finally had a way to get her to take me.

This time I remembered to buy the tickets.  It was honestly the best show I have ever seen, yes I know I say that about pretty much every show I go to, but I really mean it this time. 

Will Loomis opened the show; I had never heard of him before.  He was really awesome though.  I love his voice.  His songs are funny,  the crowd was laughing throughout his entire set.  He played a kazoo.  First time I ever went to a show where someone played a kazoo.  I hope I get the chance to see him again. 

Will Loomis: "My Big Woman"

He also sings about a tiny woman

Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures of Will; they all turned out crappy.  However I did manage to get this picture of his guitar:

Lovers and Liars was next.  They were amazing.  I tried to get video of "Nothing Left Here To Burn" but because I was so close to the stage the sound quality on the video turned out awful.  So you can just listen to it here instead:

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music


I tried this shot again last night, I think I like this one better than the one from last time that is in the blog header




After Lovers and Liars was an awful screamo band from Arkansas. I could not stand them.  I don't even know what their name is; something about faith and possibly the number 5.  I'm not sure.  Nor do I care. Sorry, that's rude. I know, but I can't stand hardcore screamo, had no idea what the hell they were saying the whole time.  I was literally praying that their set would come to an end.

Hawthorne Heights sounds so good live; I think they are one of the best live bands I have ever heard; which is funny cause after the show at the merch table JT said his voice was "shitty" for this show.  Well if that is how amazing his voice sounds when it is shitty, then I can't wait to hear it on a good day.

. They did an acoustic set.  I took video of most of the songs but like I said earlier, I was too close for the videos to be any good. I normally use my iPhone to take video but it was dead so I had to use my Canon. I wish I could have used my phone though, cause it takes really good video.

Heather said she liked them and that they were really good. Which is good for me...because that means next time she'll want to go hopefully just as much as I do. 



The title of this post comes from "Ohio Is For Lovers" by Hawthorne Heights

Find more artists like Hawthorne Heights at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Hawthorne Heights at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Hawthorne Heights at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Hawthorne Heights at Myspace Music

"If It's Over" by Lovers and Liars

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music

  Heather and I with JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights

with Stephen, Stacy and Jason of Lovers and Liars (Adam was outside at the time the pictures were being taken)

I don't know why I didn't ask to get a picture with Will Loomis, I talked to him for a second at the merch table. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be back one day...

Can't wait til all of these guys come back again!


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