Wednesday, February 23, 2011

54/365: Black and White Wednesday- Benihana's

My momma teaching McKynley how to use chopsticks

This afternoon my family and I went to Benihana's (hibachi grill) to celebrate that I turned 21 last Sunday. I still haven't ordered a drink from anywhere yet.  At Benihana's they didn't have their drinks listed on the menu and I didn't feel like going over to the bar or asking the waiter.

Heather was planning on taking me to a bar this weekend, but all our friends are going to be busy and can't go with us. Heather asked Anthony to go with us, but he leaves to go on tour the day before we were planning on going...but his band School Boy Humor is doing a home show on March 13th; so maybe I'll just wait til then to have my first "real" drink.


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