Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4/365: Sugar Bowl Birthday

My sister (Heather) turned 23 on the 4th same day as the Arkansas Razorbacks and Ohio State Buckeyes played against eachother in the Sugar Bowl.  I have wanted to go to Ohio since I was probably 14, I don't really know why.  My family says I just want to go because of Small Town Sleeper; that is where they are from...but I didn't even know about them until I was 17; so that isn't true. 

I hate sports, but I do love the Buckeyes. I used to sit in my room and watch their games by myself while my family was in another room watching the Razorbacks.  Funny thing is last year I asked my mom if there was a chance Arkansas would ever play Ohio State and she said that probably wouldn't happen.  Well this year it did happen and the Buckeyes won! :)

I was so happy they played the Razorbacks, because I didn't get to see any Buckeye games this season since I moved into my own apartmart I don't have any sports channels, so pretty much the only footbal team we can watch is the Razorbacks.

Birthday cake

 McKynley and her mommy reading a story
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