Monday, January 3, 2011

3/365: R.I.P Nanny Pat...I Miss You!

On Christmas Eve we had Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  After we opened gifts my mom came up to me and handed me this bag. She said my cousin Hunter realized the gift that my parents gave him was wrapped in it.  As soon as I saw it tears came rushing down my cheeks. 

I think this bag is from the last Christmas I got to spend with her. I wish I could remember what it was that she gave me, but I can't

Nanny Pat died unexpectedly on September 15th, 2008; a few days after she had had surgery to fix a hernia, we thought she would be in and out of the hospital in no time since surgery for a hernia is pretty common these days.

My dad kept telling me to call and check on Nanny Pat while she was in the hospital, but for some reason I never did; because she was going to be out of the hospital soon and would be staying at our house while she was healing, so I figured I didn't need to call her...I would just see her when she got released.

 She never got to come home from the hospital, I feel so horrible now about not calling her, what would it have hurt for me to take a few minutes out of my day to call my grandmother? Nothing. I feel like such a bad grand daughter, because I know she would have called me if I were in the hospital.

There is a song by Candlebox called "Miss You" it was written by the lead singer Kevin Martin about his dad who died.  One of the lines in the song is :

"You could have waited one more day, I should have called"

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 I was actually planning on calling her the morning that she died, I wish she could have waited one more day so I would have had a chance to talk to her one last time.

 Everytime I hear this song I think about her and start crying.


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