Monday, January 31, 2011

31/365: Cinderella Likes Cheetos

A few hours ago I asked McKynley if I could take her picture, since I had not taken my picture for the day yet. She said yes and ran to her room to put on her Cinderella Halloween costume.  


PS: The rockstars will soon be coming back to Rockstars and Randomness.  I am so excited!  My first show of the year: Hawthorne Heights.  I have wanted to see them for years, but it never worked out.  Guess who is doing the show them...Lovers and Liars!!! You may remember Lovers and Liars from the last show I went to.

It makes me really happy that they are coming back again.  Plus I listed them as a band I wanted to see this year in my last post of 2010.  Hopefully I'll get to meet them this time. The show is Febuary 12th.  Sorry, that was a really long PS.

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  1. You'd better stick around and meet us Lauren...we hold grudges forever! Lol...can't wait to be back in Little Rock...gonna be a good show w/ lots of new stuff.


    Stephen T.