Monday, January 24, 2011

23/365: That Dam Bridge is Purple

Today I experienced a lot of firsts:

Went to two church services in one day; morning and evening.  The evening service is called's for the college age group of New Life Church.  It was really amazing. I can't wait to go back. It was the first time we (Brook and I) had ever really met any of the people that go to New Life.

I gave my first offering at church today.  I have actually given offerings to churches before, but this was my first time to do it with my own money, the other times my parents or grandparents had given me money to put in the offering.  When we first moved to Little Rock we went to Wal-Mart one day and as we were leaving a guy in an old limo stopped us in the parking lot and randomly gave me $3.  I decided to give God back that $3 today.

After church we went to Larry's Pizza in West Little Rock for the first time.  The one in my hometown is way better.  I tried to take a chair shot while we were there, but none of them turned out well.

Before we went back to church we came home to rest for a while.  During this time I took my 365 photo:

After Elevation we drove around Little Rock so I could take pictures.

This is the first picture I have ever taken of rain:

This is the first picture I have ever taken of the Big Dam Bridge: (It lights up at night.  It rotates between colors every few seconds)  I caught it while it was purple.

I was was inspired by David's photo of the Big Dam Bridge. His is MUCH better.  I was using a 50mm, so I couldn't zoom in...I want a telephoto lens.

When I was done taking photos we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant called New Asian.  It's a buffet.  As we were getting our food some people from Elevation recognised us and told us the whole group was there eating.  They invited us to sit with them.  We didn't; Brook didn't want to.   I wish we would have, so we could have gotten to know everyone better.  I think it is cool how we were surrounded by our church all day. 


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