Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18/365: The Hat

These are my hats.  Before I got the gray hat I never wore hats because I didn't like the way any of them ever looked on me.  When I saw Small Town Sleeper in 2008 (I still haven't written that post, I need to, it's the Candlebox one that I have been meaning to write basically since I started this blog almost a year ago.)
The lead singer Troy was wearing a hat just like this.  

A few days after the show I asked him where he got it via Myspace.  He told me and that day I was planning on going to that same store anyways so I bought one.

Ever since then people have been buying me that same style of hat in different designs and colors but I never like any of them as much as my original.  It is pretty much the only hat you will ever see me wear.


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