Monday, January 17, 2011

17/365: A Bowl Full of Bows

Still not feeling all that great.  I wanted to do something different today, I'm tired of fruits and other food I decided to get a little creative and put all my (yes mine, not McKynley's) baby bows in a Tony the tiger cereal bowl.

Ever since the Ryan Star show I went to in October I have been wearing baby bows.  It was Halloween and I wanted to dress up, but since I don't do costumes I decided to just dress a little differently than I normally would. Pretty much me mixed with a scene girl...scene girls wear bright colors, childish clothes and either bright or dark eye makeup, with lots of eyeliner.

I've always loved to be creative with my eye makeup, and wear colors others probably woudn't. I also like to put my eyeliner on thick.  I have had to wear a lot of it recently to hide my Trichotillomania.


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