Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trichotillomania, Turkey Day and Black Friday

I haven't written in a while, sorry.  Let's do a recap of Thanksgiving...this year was the first time I ever cooked anything for Thanksgiving dinner.  I made a Dump Cake; Dump Cake is very simple, basically like a cobbler.  Cherry and apple pie fillings with a butter cake mix poured over the top.

I never even ate any of the Dump Cake or much of anything else, because I started crying right in the middle of the meal. My 10 year old cousin tried to pluck her own eyebrows for the first time a few days earlier, which resulted in a small patch of her eyebrows missing.  Her mother noticed as we were eating, she got upset and she along with the rest of the family made jokes about it, saying it looked stupid and made her not look as pretty and other stuff like that.

I started crying when I heard this since I pull my hair out. Most of my family doesn't know about my hair pulling except for two of my cousins, my sister and my parents.  So pretty much everyone else at the table was staring at me as if I were crazy and kept asking me what was wrong.  I didn't tell them.  I figured if they were going to make fun of my cousin like that for having just a few of her eyebrows missing, I didn't even want to know what they would say about me if they knew over half of my eyelashes and eyebrows are gone. 

Which means that none of my family reads my blog, because if they did they would know, they always tell me how great of a writer I am...but how would they know if they don't even read what I write.  So anyways to sum it up...I had a pretty crappy Thanksgiving.

Moving on to Black Friday.  This year was also my first year to attend in Black Friday. I have always seen movies and TV shows about how crazy of a day it is; people running into stores as soon as the doors open, trampling over people; sometimes even killing them.  My Black Friday was nothing like that.  Just a bunch of crazy people willing to stand outside a store for hours in the cold so they can catch the good deals.   A lot of people brought their own tents to camp out at the doors.

We (my mom, aunt, cousin, sister and I) started shopping around midnight.  We wanted to eat at IHOP, but when we got there found a note on the door saying they were closed for Thanksgiving.  We then decided to go to Waffle House, I had never been to Waffle House so I was excited.  The place was packed and the service was terrible.  We waited inside by the door for at least 10 or 15 minutes before we found a vacant table.  The table we found had not been cleared off yet from it's last guest, but we figured if we sat there anyway a worker would clear it for us...we were wrong.  They all knew we were sitting there but walked right past us anyway.  We sat there with a dirty table for another 10 or 15 minute before leaving.  No one took our order or bothered to clear the table for us the entire time. 

From there we went to JC Penney and shopped for a while.  After that we decided to go to Cracker Barrel.  They were open and they didn't ignore us.  I got a plate of cherry pancakes, they were really good.

Finally we headed home. We got home around 10 am and I went to sleep and slept for practically the whole day.


P.S. I talked my sister into taking me to see Thiriving Ivory  on Friday and I am pretty sure I will be able to get that new lens I was telling you about before then. Yay! I'm excited! :)

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