Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Do You Dream That The World Will Know Your Name?"

On Friday December 3rd my sister Heather and I went to see Thriving Ivory at Juanita's. Everytime I have been to Juanita's I have never had to wait outside to get in. We are always either there super early or we get there after the show has already started and everyone else has already gone in...that is until this time.  It was freezing and the line to get inside was so long it was awful. 

We finally got in and there was a nice group of girls that let me be beside them.  It was still front row, just on the side of the stage.  There were a ton of people there...more than had ever showed up for Thriving Ivory before I'm pretty sure.  The first opener was Elise Davis from Little Rock. She has a nice voice, but as I've said before, I'm just not a fan of female singers.  She seemed to be a little socially awkward.

I did get to buy the new lens I wanted for my camera before the show, but since we weren't directly in front of the stage there wasn't good lighting most of the time and this lens does best with natural light instead of flash; so that coupled with the fact that I had only had the lens for about an hour and didn't really have the hang of it yet did not make for good pictures.  Except for the drums and guitar in my new blog header.

After Elise was Lovers and Liars like I said in the post you will be directed to if you click their name I am pretty sure I have a new favorite band.  They are really amazing.  I have been listening to them non-stop since the show.  I'm sad that I didn't go meet them after their set.  I hope they come back really soon, I'll definitely be there when they do.

As excited as I was to see Thriving Ivory again (this was my 3rd time) I honestly didn't want Lovers and Liars' set to be over.

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Lovers and Liars at Myspace Music

Thriving Ivory was amazing. (As always!) Loved hearing their newest stuff live.  I took videos...sound quailty is good but part of the time you can't see Clayton because a girl's arm is in the way/I was too excited to pay attention to where I was pointing the camera.

"Angels on the Moon" (title of this post came from this song)

"Long Hallway With A Broken Light"

"Where We Belong"

It was an awesome show, can't wait til they come back again.


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