Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm No Good At Keeping Promises

Ok so I know I said I was going to post my recap of the Thriving Ivory show on Friday...but all of you  should know by now I am horrible at keeping promises when it comes to posting on this blog. I'm sorry about that.  I meant to post a sepia photo for Photo Freak's sepia challenge a few days ago but never found the time.  I love sepia photos, but for some reason hardly ever think to take any that way.

I had more photos I wanted to post, but the image uploader seems to only want me to post this one.Yay it works now.  Jeremy from SafetySuit wrote that on my poster...sadly I don't think he thinks I am a great friend anymore. :(

 Every girl on my mom's side of the family makes this face anytime they look in a mirror, I guess we do it in pictures too.  As always click photo to enlarge.


PS: I hope to have the Thriving Ivory post up sometime this week.  Don't hold me to that though ;)

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