Friday, November 19, 2010

ABC: "You're just a little bit camera shy, but you're still a star"

Sorry it has taken so long to write this post; I haven't really been in the writing mood lately.  I've been lazy and didn't even put my pictures from the show up on Facebook until yesterday.  Normally I don't go to sleep after the show until I have edited and put the pictures on Facebook.

Anyway, the show did end up happening.  Phil said since Little Rock is his hometown and he loves playing here he was going to suck it up and do the show, even though he wasn't feeling well. 

As Heather and I made our way into The Rev Room we saw what we thought was a statue of a man sitting on a bench. Turns out it was a real man and he scared the hell out of both of us when we finally saw him move, right as we were going passed him.  Once we got inside we found our usual spot and waited for Boxwine to start. Boxwine is a guy named Brian that I went to school with.  He was really good. I had been wanting to go to one of his shows for a couple years now and never got the chance so I'm glad I finally did.

Matt (School Boy's merch guy and whatnot) sat and talked with us while Boxwine was on, he told us that fans were there that had came from Kansas and that some fans even came all the way from Iowa.  I thought that was pretty awesome.

After Boxwine was a local band called The Supporting Cast.  To be honest I couldn't stand them.  That might be a little harsh, but they were screaming practically through their entire set and you couldn't understand a word of any of it.

Next was a band from Long Island, New York called Score 24. They opened up with "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney.  I was happy because I have always been and always will be a huge Jesse fan.  They did really well with it.  I didn't really pay attention to the rest of their set though, because Heather and I were talking to Anthony the whole time. .

The Rev Room is kind of seperated into two parts by a few stairsteps: the higher level (it's not really that much higher than the other part, I just don't really know what to call it) is where the bar and tables are so you can sit and watch the show if you want; the lower level is where you would go if you want to be right by the stage. I had never been on the lower level until I saw School Boy Humor that night.  Normally the people that work there won't allow me to be down there.  I guess because most of the time it is really crowded and there are a lot of drunk people down there mosh pitting or whatever and they don't want me to get hurt or something.

We explained to them that I am always used to being down front at all the other venues I go to and that we want to be down there because we are friends with School Boy, they agreed to let me go to the lower level this this time.  I hope in the future they continue to let me go down there whenever I want.

I didn't bring my dSLR with me because the lens I have now doesn't offer much zoom. I went back to using my Fujifilm S1000fd for the night.  I wish I would have known they were going to let me be by the stage so I could have brought my good camera.  I could have gotten much better pictures.  I am not used to using point and shoot cameras anymore and I have only had my dSLR for 5 months, I have completely forgotten how to work my Fujifilm and I was getting very frustrated with it because I am used to setting every detail such as the ISO and apature exactly the way I want it.  With the Fujifilm I don't really have much control over all those type of things.

I was really excited because this show was supposed to be full band (the only other time I had seen SBH it was acoustic.) but their drummer was also sick so Phil and Anthony decided to do it acoustic.  I am determined to see them perform as a full band one day.  I am kind of glad I didn't bring my dSLR to the show, since I got frustrated with the other camera I didn't take many pictures and was able to just enjoy the show.  I did take videos with my iPhone though.

 Some of the videos may be sideways, I don't know why...I wasn't holding my phone sideways. You'll probably have to turn the volume up on your computer. All the videos I have taken with this phone never seem to record very loud.  They are actually really good videos, they aren't all shakey like the other ones I have posted, yay me!

"Camera Shy" (I used lyrics from this song as the title for this post...I bet you could'a figured that out by yourself though; they start singing at the 40 second mark.)

"Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes" This one came out sideways, I don't know why...sorry.  I wasn't holding the phone sideways.

"Don't Look Back" (This song is on the radio "because we're the shit" -Phil)

My Twitvid account wasn't letting videos work once they were embedded on my blog, so I had to open up a YouTube account. I am still working on moving all my videos over to my new account.

"Just Want More" (They wrote this song with Mitchel Musso)

coming soon---

"The World Revolves Around You" (They start singing at the 3 minute mark)

coming soon---

"Show Me" (I actually recorded the whole song this time instead of just 50 seconds! Oh and the screaming girl in the background when they first start the song is Heather)

coming soon---

The show was awesome, it was good to see them again...can't wait for the next one.

Phil. My favorite picture I got that night.




Phil and I (we had to turn the flash off because I kept blinking)

Heather and Phil

Anthony and I

Anthony and Heather

School Boy Humor's album is available on iTunes now, and they will be releasing a new EP soon


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