Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ABC: Halloween With The Dark Horse

Ok so technically it was the night before Halloween, but close enough. The first time I wrote about Ryan Star I failed to mention the fact that he was on the CBS reality show Rock Star: Supernova...in 2006; during which he received the nickname Dark Horse, hence the title of this post. 

On October 14th I woke up to find a tweet from a friend telling me that Ryan was coming back to Arkansas AGAIN (he had just been here on August 12th and September 9th.) I immediately text my sister and demand that we go to Juanita's on the 30th to see Ryan; she then says that since Halloween is on Sunday trick or treating is on Saturday and she has to take McKynley trick or treating.

I then start freaking out because I refuse to miss a Ryan show.  I have done that once...it was horrible, he was playing at hotel 5 hours away.  I suggested we roadtrip.  My family said no because they had already made plans that they couldn't get out of, plus they seem to hate roadtrips, everytime I ask to go to a show that isn't in Little Rock, they freak out and give me a big hell no; like I am asking them to take me to China or something. It was awful knowing that my friends from other states could go to the show...but I who lived in the same state where the show was being held couldn't even go.

Anyways back to October 14th. I asked numerous people if they would go with me but kept getting excuses.  I still didn't give up.  I prayed that I would find someone to go with me and a few days later my cousin Brook tells me that she doesn't have anything to do that night.

October 30th finally arrives and Brook, her boyfriend and I go to the show.  It was my first time to see Ryan headlining and it was amazing; my favorite show I have ever been to of his... I could honestly go see him every night and never get sick of it.

The first opener was a girl named Hope I think she sounds even better live than she does recorded...click her name and you will be taken to her Myspace to listen for yourself. She has a very smooth/mellow sound and has a song featuring Jason Mraz called "Love Love Love."


Hope's drummer
 After Hope was a band called Days Difference, who have a popular song called "Speakers"

Days Difference

Then it was time for Ryan. Since this was Ryan's first show in Little Rock as a headliner the crowd wasn't as large as I think it should have been, then again I like small shows, makes them more intimate.  Myself along with a few other die-hard R. Star fans were right up infront of the stage, where as the other people chose to stay sitting at their tables or to stand against the walls. Whenever I see Ryan I refuse to be anything less than front row...that's where all the fun stuff happens. 

The way I see it is: what's the point of going to the show if you're not going to be in the front row.  If you are not in the front row, you probably won't get very good pictures, and you also won't really get to interact with the artist.as much.

It seems like every time I see Ryan his performance gets better and better. During "Start A Fire" he held the microphone out to me, cause he knows I always sing along, good thing  the other people around me were singing too so you couldn't hear me, because I am a horrible singer. 

After the show I went over to talk to Ryan like always.  He asked me my most dreaded question that everyone I ever talk to asks me "Are you going to college?" Ever since I graduated high school in 2008. "Are you going ro college?" comes up in every conversation I have no matter who the coversation is with.  I told him eventually, maybe even next semester.  He then asked what I would be going for and I said Journalism and Photography. 

He then told me about how he used to be a photographer and used a dark room, but decided to do music instead.  I am very glad he chose music. 

 After that he told me to be sure to tell everyone I know about him so his fan base would grow...I said I didn't want to because the more people that knew about him the more crowded his shows would become, which would give me less of a chance to be in front row.

He said he would make sure I was always in the front row no matter what...and I quote: "I'll even put you on the fuckin' stage with me if I have to."

  Before we left he took the pick he used that night out of his pocket, signed it and gave it to me.  This was literally the best show I have ever been to.  I can't wait til he comes again.  What are the chances he would come for the forth month in a row? He's got me spoiled now...he can't just stop at three.




Love this one

Love this one too

"Speakers" by Days Difference

"Love Love Love" by Hope Featuring Jason Mraz

"Start A Fire" by Ryan Star


PS: I finally got to have a tweet up or whatever you call it and officially met Hiedi, Mandy and Sydney! :)

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  1. Great recap! It was an awesome show, and it was good to finally meet you. :)