Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Oliver

Oliver is a little boy who haunts my parents house. Previous owners of the house have reported seeing his ghost, they said is a nice ghost. I personally have never seen him, but I do hear him some times.  He mostly likes to stay up stairs. When my parents were still thinking about buying the house, they went over to look at it and heard him running in the upstairs hallway.

Last summer my family went on a cruise, my cousin came to stay with me while they were gone. One morning we woke up to find a bottle of olive oil sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.  This is when we decided that maybe the little boy was trying to tell us his name was Oliver. 

My cousin had left her phone downstairs the night before and then found this picture on her phone. We think he took a picture of himself.

Oliver likes to eat our leftover pizza and and drink our Fuze juice.  The local museum called us and asked if they could write a story about how our house was haunted, I don't know if they ever really did...I want to go to the museum and find out.  We can hear Oliver playing in McKynley's room upstairs sometimes.

 Not too long ago my Dad had just finished washing a load of his clothes, before he took them out of the dryer he left the laundry room to go do something else. When he left the washer door was open, from another room he heard the door slam shut. No one else had been in the laundry room.


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