Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ABC: Start A Fire At The Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday my family and I went to a pumpkin patch. We went on a hayride...a dog chased us throughout the entire ride, I refuse to go on a hayride ever again. It was bumpy and hurt my back, plus there were a bunch of annoying little girls that were screaming the whole time because of the Halloween decorations that we kept passing.

McKynley's favorite part of the pumpkin patch was the fact that they had a slide and swing set.


PS: Remember last month how I said it would be awesome if Ryan Star played a show in Little Rock every month...well guess what, he's coming again on October 30th! That means he will have been to Arkansas 3 months in a row. I am very excited! Here is Ryan's video for his new single "Start A Fire"


  1. These are all such great shots, but that last one is perfection! She is so adorable!