Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ABC: A Night Out With a Star

Thursday my family and I went to the 3rd annual Girls Night Out in Little Rock. As usual they wanted to go for the shopping; I wanted to go for the music. This year the lineup was Jessie James (again), Nicky Parrish, Ryan Star and The Ready Set.  Bet you can’t guess who I went for…totally kidding.

You are probably all: “Oh my gosh all you ever write about is Ryan Star, shut up already!”

This is somewhat true, I do tend to write about him a lot, especially lately…since his album "11:59" was recently released and I saw him with Thriving Ivory just last month. I promise you I do write about other artist/stuff occasionally, if you don’t believe me just look at the sidebar over to the right entitled Things I Blog About and you’ll see. I’m sure there will be many more blog post about him here in the future, simply because he is AMAZING and one of the few musicians left in the world today that has true talent.

Ok moving on…

We got to the Metroplex and Jessie James was in the middle of her set. My family decided to go look at all the booths and I stayed to watch Jessie. I was there in time to see her sing two songs “Psycho Girlfriend” and “Wanted."  I am glad she came back this year, since I was too upset to pay attention to her set last year.

After Jessie was finished Heather, from Alice 107.7 came on stage and told Ryan to come up on stage for a minute so all the girls could see him.  Heather was holding a bottle of Windex and they were having a conversation about it, I have no idea what they were saying, because at that time I was talking to a friend.  What does Ryan have to do with Windex?! As Ryan turned around to go backstage Heather made a comment on how she hated to see him go...but loved to watch him leave. I think she might have a little rockstar crush!

Before it was Ryan's turn Nicky Parrish covered a few songs; "Rude Boy" by Rihanna and "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé. Nicky then sang an original song.  She told us about her album "Earthtòn'z" which is available on iTunes. Nicky is a really good singer, but one of the last songs she sang she hit some really high notes and I didn't like it...during this I noticed Ryan had started watching her from backstage. I couldn't really tell from his facial expressions if he thought she was amazing or if he was wishing she would shut up.

Finally it was time for Ryan.  I was right infront of him, which was awesome...wasn't that great for taking pictures though, the microphone was in the way.  He started with "Brand New Day" (the theme song for the TV show Lie To Me.) I don't remember the order of the others, but I know he sang "Last Train Home" and "Breathe" I think he sang more songs then that but honestly I can't remember.

McKynley (my niece, she is 2) came to Girls Night Out with us. On our way to The Metroplex she kept saying "I want Star!" So cute. I held her in my lap for a little while, while he was singing so she could see him.  I think she really liked it. She is a big fan of music.  I have taught her well when it comes to good music...not only does she love Ryan but she loves SafetySuit too!

I took video of "Breathe" with my iPhone.  It shakes a little at the beginning, but I think you can get over that.  The audio is really good. You might have to turn the volume up though, it didn't record very loud.

After the show my mom and I went over to the merch table to talk to him.  As we were waiting in line he walked by us, he pointed at me and smiled and said something about how I was in the front row, singing along to every word. I think he might have called me a front row rocker.

When we got to the front of the line Ryan signed a poster for me and we took pictures.  I had told mom while we were waiting in line to use my iPhone to take the picture, because I knew she wouldn't know how to work my Rebel but she said she wanted to use the Rebel. I adjusted the lens so it would be in focus, I handed her the camera and she backed up (I wasn't expecting her to back up because the picture would have turned out fine from where she was in the first place) ...totally screwing up the focus.  I guess she doesn't understand that since it is a dSLR, everytime you move you have to re-adjust the focus (I have told her that a million times.)

This is what we could have been a lot worse I guess, at least we don't just look like big blurry spots. I would have told her to re-adjust the lens, but I didn't want a repeat of what happened last year at Girls Night Out with Jason Castro's dad and my mom...

He told me he liked my style. I said "Yeah, I know you told me last year...haha!"

 Then he said "Oh, yeah I did didn't I?"

He asked me what my twitter name was and when I told him he got all excited and he said "Oh I know you!"  I love when I tell my twitter name and musicians say things like that...Jeremy from SafetySuit reacted the same way.  It makes me happy that they actually pay attention to me.

I am glad I finally have a Ryan poster to add to my wall of fame.  I don't think I have showed it to you guys yet...I will when I finally finish it.

Here are pictures from the show:

Jessie James
Ryan (obviously) I don't know why but I really like this picture

This year at Girls Night Out everything went perfectly. We didn't miss anyone, the restaurant we ate at before the show wasn't nasty and it wasn't crowded because the event was divided into two nights this time.

I feel pretty spoiled now though since Ryan has had a show in Arkansas for two months in a row, I don't know how I am gonna handle not seeing him next month, which who knows, I might. I would have no problem with it if he decided to do monthly shows in Little Rock, actually I think that is a pretty good idea. He should definitely start doing that.


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