Monday, August 2, 2010

August Break

Susannah came up with an idea called August Break...for the entire month you basically take a break from blogging and post pictures that you have taken during the month. With any camera you want...there are no rules. I figured it would be a good idea for me to join in on this, since I just bought a Canon Rebel T1i. Hopefully during this process I will learn more about the camera.

I am kind of getting a late start to this seeing as it is August 2nd. I haven't even taken any photos yet this month. I'll start tomorrow, if that's ok. For now here is a picture I took on July 27th. That's close enough to the beginning of August to still count right? There are no rules, so I'm saying it counts.

Tree in my parents backyard

Susannah even made a nice little badge for August Break, but no matter how hard I try my blog won't let me add it.

This should be fun!


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