Monday, August 30, 2010

August Break- Days 29-31: Flying Fish


Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Break- Day 28: Baseball

Last night we went to the Arkansas Travelers game, it was my first time to ever go to a baseball game.


P.S. We lost.

Friday, August 27, 2010

August Break- Day 27: Family

McKynley and my cousin Reagan

My second cousin Braxton and his mom Cara

McKynley and her Mommy (Heather)

McKynley and her Mommy again


Sunday, August 15, 2010

August Break- Days 11-15: Stars On The Moon

Yay the internet finally works!

Ok so Thursday I went to Juanita’s to see Ryan Star and Thriving Ivory with my cousin Brook and my sister (Heather) who only agreed to go because she likes Thriving Ivory. We got to Juanita’s an hour before the doors opened, so we decided to drive around town while we waited.
After we were inside we looked out the window and saw everyone freaking out, running into the street. Turns out a little boy got hit by a car. He was fine, he just hurt his arm.

When all the drama was over Heather, Brook and I took a spot right in front of the stage.

The first band was Free Micah. They are from Little Rock. I personally (probably along with everyone else in the room) thought they weren’t very good. You couldn’t understand any of the words they were singing. They had a cello player.

The lead singer had a Jesus –type beard…look at these poor quality photos. Note: Not all photos are as crappy as these first four.

The bassist wasn’t even wearing a shirt…and normally I would be fine with a guy not wearing his shirt, but not this one…

Then finally it was Ryan’s turn. Pretty much as soon as he got on stage he smiled at me, then tried to grab my hand, but at that time I totally wasn’t paying attention so I missed it. (I suck at life!)

It was so awesome to see Ryan live again; it almost felt like a dream…because I never thought I would get another chance to go to one of his shows. I took video of “Breathe” "Start a Fire” and “Psycho Suicidal Girl” The audio is good, but the camera wasn’t ever still. I am not good at taking videos. Pictures on the other hand turned out amazing (not as good as Sydney’s, I’m sure) but for my first time using my Canon Rebel T1i at a show, I like to think I did pretty well.

Pictures of Ryan and his band:

Artie: Bass

Dallin: Keys

Dan: Guitar


As Ryan was leaving the stage he turned and smiled at me again.

Normally Ryan stays at the venue for a few hours to meet with fans at the merch table but he didn’t feel well after the show so he didn’t stay.

Thriving Ivory was just as amazing as last year. I am so glad I was able to see them again. Hopefully I will get to see more of their shows in the future. It was really hard to get pictures of Clayton (the leader singer) he moved around too much…or maybe I just suck at working my camera, either way it was hard:


Even though I didn’t get to talk to Ryan this time, I was still really happy because I finally got to meet Thriving Ivory…I wanted to last year, but Heather was tired and wanted to go home. Scott Jason, who plays keyboard and writes songs for Thriving Ivory wasn’t at the merch table either. At least I got to meet Clayton, Drew and Paul.

Ryan is going to be at Girls Night Out this year (September 9th) so hopefully I will get to talk to him again then.

There are more picture on Flickr


P.S. Ryan and Clayton were both wearing the same outfits as they were wearing last year when I saw them…isn’t that weird? Proof…

Sydney's video of Ryan singing "Breathe" on Thursday:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi! I'm still alive

My Internet doesn't work right now...but when it works again, I will post a review of the Ryan Star/Thriving Ivory show.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Break- Day 7: Thriving Ivory

See told you the rockstars would be back you didn't believe me, since I've broken my promise about Candlebox TWICE We'll get to them really soon.

So anyways, Thriving Ivory...last year I heard they were coming to Juanita's, I wanted to go really bad, but somehow never got around to buying the tickets. It's the day before the show (which was on March 7th 2009) and I go to Juanita's website to buy them and they were SOLD OUT! I was really sad, my sister, Heather felt bad and was doing everything she could to get us into the show. Finally she remembered that her friend Brock worked at Juanita's.

She called Brock and he agreed to let us in. I was SO HAPPY! Pretty sure I thanked him a million times during the show. I had never been to Juanita's before, so I didn't know what to expect. It's small and there are cool murals painted on the walls of jazzy/bluegrass-y musicians, I think. Then again, they might just be random people. I haven't been there since November when I saw SafetySuit, so I can't really remember.

.  The tables have pictures of all kinds of musicians on them. When I went to see SafetySuit the table we sat at had Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt of Green Day on one side and Hayley Williams of Paramore on the other.

A band named Barcelona opened for Thriving Ivory. They were really good, they're song "Stars" is featured in the movie Race To Witch Mountain.  They're album "Absolutes" is available on iTunes.

When Barcelona was done with their set everyone rushed the stage and we couldn't see anymore, so Brock let us stand/sit inside the equipment cabinet/closet (or whatever it's called, I don't know) on the left side of the stage. We could see perfectly now, it was awesome!

 To get to the closet we had to go outside around back, where the bands enter the stage. While we were waiting outside to go into the closet we saw Thriving Ivory, but we didn't notice it was them until we were almost ready to go inside again, so we didn't have time to ask for pictures or anything. Clayton (the lead singer) was smoking a cigarette, and blew his smoke in my face, I don't think he meant to. If it would have been anyone else I would have been pissed, but since it was a member of Thriving Ivory I was cool with it and inhaled it in. So I guess now I can say I shared a cigarette with Clayton Stroope! 

Heather and Brock
The show was amazing, they sound even better live than they do on the album.  I can't wait to see them again on Thursday, August 12th, when they return to Juanita's with Ryan Star! I am so excited! I am using these pictures as part of my August Break, since after all I will be seeing them this month anyway.

"Stars" by Barcelona

"Start a Fire" by Ryan Star

"11:59" by Ryan Star

"Angels On the Moon" by Thriving Ivory

"Where We Belong" by Thriving Ivory