Sunday, June 27, 2010

McKynley Ann: One Of SafetySuit's Youngest Fans

My niece McKynley will turn two on July 3rd. She loves SafetySuit. Maybe even more than I do...if that is even possible.  Her favorite member is Jeremy. (I have taught her well.) She talks about him all the time. When she sees a picture of SafetySuit she gets all excited and points to Jeremy and repeats his name over and over again.  Once I even caught her kissing my laptop because she saw a picture him.

McKynley also loves Tate. She was laying on my bed the other day, looked at me and randomly said "I want Tate!"

Last night she was in her room getting ready to go to sleep, when she heard me start playing "Annie" by SafetySuit in my room. She jumped out of bed, ran into my room saying "Jeremy, Jeremy" then she pointed to their album cover and said "Jeremy swimmin'! Tate swimmin'!" Then she pointed to Jeremy again and said "Lala's Jeremy." (She calls me Lala.) She's so silly.

I don't think she knows about Dave and Doug yet, she hasn't ever said anything about them.  She comes up to me at least once a day and says "Jeremy, Jeremy!" which means she wants me to show her a picture of SafetySuit. She is such a brilliant little girl and she has excellent taste in music.  Pretty soon I think I will have to take her to a SafetySuit show, so she can meet Jeremy and Tate.

McKynley on Easter

McKynley and our bunny Mitcey


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