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You are probably thinking what could she possibly have to say about birds? I actually have a lot to say about them.  I love birds.  Not only the actual animal, but also the symbolic meaning of birds: happiness. (Aside from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, that's not happy at all...that's just creepy.

My Nanny (grandma...she didn't want to ever be called grandma. She said that was what you called old people) had a glass blue bird that she kept on her fireplace mantel. One year for my birthday she gave me a card that had a blue bird on the front and she had written in it that I was her blue bird of happiness.  I had always liked the blue bird that was on her mantel. When she died in 2004 it was the only thing I wanted of hers.  When I went over to her house to get it, my cousin had already taken it. I didn't know this at the time but glass blue birds like that are called Blue Bird of Happiness. When I found out the name of the bird I was sad it had already been taken.  My cousin found out what it meant to me and gave it to me as a Christmas gift that year.

Looking back now, I think it is kind of strange how a member of one of my favorite bands...Dave Garofalo, guitarist for SafetySuit is pretty much obsessed with the word birds. Watch as he explains:

Note: At the end of the video a countdown will appear, click stop countdown. Otherwise you will be taken away from the blog and on your way to VH1.com to see the other 4 videos that go with this one.

 When I was in 10th grade my World History teacher's aunt (it might not have been his aunt, I can't remember...but someone he is related to) saved a chicken named Boo Boo that had drowned in a pond and gave her mouth-to-beak CPR.

Boo Boo and the woman who saved her (Aunt Sis) were on Jay Leno...along with Terry Bradshaw.  This video is hilarious.  Now if only Aunt Sis would have been around when my chickens needed saving. Three of my poor little chickens died.  I think we still have six left though.

This Easter we bought ducks. Abby, Annie and Charlie. Charlie was mine, he died the day we got them. We also bought about 10 chickens, one of which was named Ernie, turns out he was a rooster.  A few weeks ago he died because either a hawk or racoon be-headed him.

This was Ernie when he was a little chick

R.I.P cute little Charlie


Annie was my sister Heather's duck. She named her and I that it was a little ironic because SafetySuit has a song called "Annie" and in the song they say "looks don't make the world go 'round." We realized Annie had a crooked beak and so I guess that made the name very fitting for her. Heather doesn't know much about SafetySuit so she doesn't know about Dave's love for the word birds or that they have a song called "Annie" and she just happened to name her duck (which is a form of bird) Annie. Sadly Annie died a few weeks later from unknown causes.

I was very sad that Charlie died so a few days later I got a new duck.  His name is Davey. (Named after Dave Garofalo.) He and Abby are alive and well, living in a family friend's pond, because they grew too big to stay with us.


I've got all my ducks in a row...well, sorta.

Davey and Abby the day before they moved.

I had always wanted a pet bird. Finally when I was fourteen and my parents were tired of my begging, they bought me a parakeet at a flea market. I think it was a boy, he was a beautiful bird.  He had a baby blue chest, white/gray wings with black spots and a lavender beak.  I never came up with a name for him. I just couldn't think of one that was perfect enough.  One time instead of buying parakeet food my dad bought cockatoo food, the seeds were too big for the bird's tiny throat which lead him to choke to death.

A few years later my dad was out in the garage and found a cockatoo under his truck.  As he was trying to catch it the bird flew out from underneath the truck and landed on my dad's head.  We decided to adopt the bird, we kept him in nameless bird's cage.  He could say "pretty boy." He could also whistle the way a guy would if said guy were to see a pretty girl walking down the street.  We called him Pretty Boy.  Weeks later I unwillingly gave Pretty Boy to our neighbors, who raised him until he passed away.

"Annie" by: SafetySuit


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