Sunday, June 27, 2010

McKynley Ann: One Of SafetySuit's Youngest Fans

My niece McKynley will turn two on July 3rd. She loves SafetySuit. Maybe even more than I do...if that is even possible.  Her favorite member is Jeremy. (I have taught her well.) She talks about him all the time. When she sees a picture of SafetySuit she gets all excited and points to Jeremy and repeats his name over and over again.  Once I even caught her kissing my laptop because she saw a picture him.

McKynley also loves Tate. She was laying on my bed the other day, looked at me and randomly said "I want Tate!"

Last night she was in her room getting ready to go to sleep, when she heard me start playing "Annie" by SafetySuit in my room. She jumped out of bed, ran into my room saying "Jeremy, Jeremy" then she pointed to their album cover and said "Jeremy swimmin'! Tate swimmin'!" Then she pointed to Jeremy again and said "Lala's Jeremy." (She calls me Lala.) She's so silly.

I don't think she knows about Dave and Doug yet, she hasn't ever said anything about them.  She comes up to me at least once a day and says "Jeremy, Jeremy!" which means she wants me to show her a picture of SafetySuit. She is such a brilliant little girl and she has excellent taste in music.  Pretty soon I think I will have to take her to a SafetySuit show, so she can meet Jeremy and Tate.

McKynley on Easter

McKynley and our bunny Mitcey


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You are probably thinking what could she possibly have to say about birds? I actually have a lot to say about them.  I love birds.  Not only the actual animal, but also the symbolic meaning of birds: happiness. (Aside from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, that's not happy at all...that's just creepy.

My Nanny (grandma...she didn't want to ever be called grandma. She said that was what you called old people) had a glass blue bird that she kept on her fireplace mantel. One year for my birthday she gave me a card that had a blue bird on the front and she had written in it that I was her blue bird of happiness.  I had always liked the blue bird that was on her mantel. When she died in 2004 it was the only thing I wanted of hers.  When I went over to her house to get it, my cousin had already taken it. I didn't know this at the time but glass blue birds like that are called Blue Bird of Happiness. When I found out the name of the bird I was sad it had already been taken.  My cousin found out what it meant to me and gave it to me as a Christmas gift that year.

Looking back now, I think it is kind of strange how a member of one of my favorite bands...Dave Garofalo, guitarist for SafetySuit is pretty much obsessed with the word birds. Watch as he explains:

Note: At the end of the video a countdown will appear, click stop countdown. Otherwise you will be taken away from the blog and on your way to to see the other 4 videos that go with this one.

 When I was in 10th grade my World History teacher's aunt (it might not have been his aunt, I can't remember...but someone he is related to) saved a chicken named Boo Boo that had drowned in a pond and gave her mouth-to-beak CPR.

Boo Boo and the woman who saved her (Aunt Sis) were on Jay Leno...along with Terry Bradshaw.  This video is hilarious.  Now if only Aunt Sis would have been around when my chickens needed saving. Three of my poor little chickens died.  I think we still have six left though.

This Easter we bought ducks. Abby, Annie and Charlie. Charlie was mine, he died the day we got them. We also bought about 10 chickens, one of which was named Ernie, turns out he was a rooster.  A few weeks ago he died because either a hawk or racoon be-headed him.

This was Ernie when he was a little chick

R.I.P cute little Charlie


Annie was my sister Heather's duck. She named her and I that it was a little ironic because SafetySuit has a song called "Annie" and in the song they say "looks don't make the world go 'round." We realized Annie had a crooked beak and so I guess that made the name very fitting for her. Heather doesn't know much about SafetySuit so she doesn't know about Dave's love for the word birds or that they have a song called "Annie" and she just happened to name her duck (which is a form of bird) Annie. Sadly Annie died a few weeks later from unknown causes.

I was very sad that Charlie died so a few days later I got a new duck.  His name is Davey. (Named after Dave Garofalo.) He and Abby are alive and well, living in a family friend's pond, because they grew too big to stay with us.


I've got all my ducks in a row...well, sorta.

Davey and Abby the day before they moved.

I had always wanted a pet bird. Finally when I was fourteen and my parents were tired of my begging, they bought me a parakeet at a flea market. I think it was a boy, he was a beautiful bird.  He had a baby blue chest, white/gray wings with black spots and a lavender beak.  I never came up with a name for him. I just couldn't think of one that was perfect enough.  One time instead of buying parakeet food my dad bought cockatoo food, the seeds were too big for the bird's tiny throat which lead him to choke to death.

A few years later my dad was out in the garage and found a cockatoo under his truck.  As he was trying to catch it the bird flew out from underneath the truck and landed on my dad's head.  We decided to adopt the bird, we kept him in nameless bird's cage.  He could say "pretty boy." He could also whistle the way a guy would if said guy were to see a pretty girl walking down the street.  We called him Pretty Boy.  Weeks later I unwillingly gave Pretty Boy to our neighbors, who raised him until he passed away.

"Annie" by: SafetySuit


Monday, June 14, 2010

"...I'm the king (uh, queen) of this pity party with my jewel encrusted crown"

This entry is a rant, I am using it to vent. So if you would rather not read all my bitching, feel free to stop now.

There hasn't been much randomness on this blog and there should be, since after all it is called Rockstars and RANDOMNESS.

You know how in movies there is always the perfect sister. The beautiful one that everyone loves, the one who can do no wrong. Then there is her sister that everyone feels sorry for...because she isn't the perfect one? Yeah, well sometimes  a lot of the time I feel like I'm the un-perfect sister.

In high school my sister was the popular girl, the cheerleader. The girl every guy wanted.  I was kinda popular, because I am her sister. Also because I am the broken one. (If you don't know me, scroll down to past entries that include pictures and you'll see what I mean by broken.) In school when guys that I liked talked to me they would always talk about how hott my sister was/is, this always made me sad because I felt like they were using me to get to my sister. No one ever wanted to date me. I don't see why they would want to anyway. Cause nobody wants the broken one.

There was this guy in my grade that I had liked since I was little, I think it was since 2nd grade and I liked him up until about 10th or 11th grade.  That's when, guess what...he started dating my sister.  REALLY!?!?! Ugh, it was so unfair. The thing that pissed me off about it the most was that she knew how long/much I had liked him and she dated him anyway.

I am probably making my sister sound like a horrible person and she's not, she's the best sister anyone could ever ask for and I love her so much, it's just sometimes I wish I could live a life like hers for once.  Ok I think I am done venting/ranting now.


P.S. if you are wondering where I got the lyrics for this entry title, they are from "Polygraph, Right Now!" By: The Spill Canvas.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"...Do you still remember the way to our spot where we used to watch the bright lights shine over West Little Rock?"

On June 4th I went to see a band from Little Rock called School Boy Humor. I had been hearing about them for a few years and up until December 2009 I had automatically assumed they weren't any good, because I had never heard of a local band that was truly talented. (I was told it wasn't nice of me to say that.) So I Googled musicians from Arkansas and found this list, and I am sure they are all extremely talented.  Joe Nichols is from Arkansas...did you know that? I didn't know that, I like him and I don't even like country music. So I'll admit it I was wrong, I do like Ne-Yo too.

One night I decided to buy their album from iTunes and was surprised to find that they were really good.  Their sound is similar to Boys Like Girls (but in my opinion...way better.)

I tried to go to one of their shows a couple months ago and for some reason that ended up not working out for me.  I was very happy when I found out that they were going to be having an acoustic show at a small cafe named Haystacks in Little Rock.  No one I know had ever heard of Haystacks, so we had no idea how to get there.  My sister Googled it and found a review of the cafe saying it was hard to find, like trying to find a needle in a haystack...I wonder if that is how they came up with the name?

We drove around forever trying to find the place and the fact that there was construction work going on didn't help the matter, it just made us more confused.  Finally we found it and we realized that the parking lot was empty, so we thought we were early.  We go inside and see the band members sitting at a table talking to their friends.  A waitress came and took our order, then Anthony and Phil from School Boy Humor gathered their stuff and left.

We thought maybe since they only saw two people had showed up they decided it wasn't worth it and left.  A few minutes later a lady that worked at Haystacks asked us if we were there to see School Boy Humor, and said that they had finished playing a few hours ago.  Heather and I were both sad because we had come from an hour away to see them and had a hard time even finding the cafe.  At least the food was really good.  We explained to the lady how far we had come and she said she felt bad for us, then told us our meals were free, that she would find a way to make it up to us. 

A few minutes later she left to go get a piece of paper for us to write our names and address down, she said Phil and Anthony didn't live far from Haystacks and that she would let us know the next time they came there to play.  When she returned to our table she was holding out a phone and told me to take it.  I didn't know what was going on, but I took it from her and said hello.  It was Phil, he said he was very sorry that we had missed them and that they would be having more dates soon.  After I talked to Phil for a while Heather and I were getting ready to leave.

As soon as we got in the car, the lady came out and told us that School Boy Humor just called, they were on their way back to play for us.  We were pretty shocked that they were willing to come back and play for just the two of us.  It was almost time for Haystacks to close, so we were the only ones there besides the people that worked there.  Heather and I thought it would be really awkward for us to be their only audience, so we were happy to see that when School Boy Humor arrived they had brought some friends and a few other members of the band with them.  Phil arrived about 15 or 20 minutes before Anthony, so we all just sat and talked while we waited for him. 

Before they started playing a few more people came in to eat, now we felt a little better since the audience had grown a little more.

Phil and Anthony performed songs off of their album, as well as a few new unreleased songs. I think School Boy Humor sounds even better live then they do on their record.  They told us about their song "Don't Look Back" being on Radio Disney's countdown and then sang a song they wrote with Mitchel Musso called "Just Want More"

I have video of them performing a new song called "Show Me" I thought we had recorded the whole song, but realized half way through that we apparently didn't hold down the record button down long enough for the camera to start recording...but at least I have the chorus.

After they were done playing a girl that was related to the people that were there eating just happened to walk in with a guitar and told all of us she was a country singer. I thought it was a little weird that she showed up like that. (Coincidence...I think not.)  She asked School Boy Humor if she could hear a song of theirs, so they played "Show Me" again.  When they were done she sang a song she wrote.  Honestly I thought she was awful.  Although I do hate country music...I'm pretty sure she was still horrible. (I'm sure someone likes her music, but I am just not a fan.) Plus the lyrics to her song didn't even make sense. (Maybe they do make sense and I am just an idiot.)

Yesterday they performed on a local news station during Good Morning Arkansas and they will be starting a new tour soon. 

I'm gonna go ahead and say that this show was the best I have ever been to, because not only are they extremely talented...but they are also really sweet.  I mean they came back to play for my sister and I because we missed the show, no one else has ever done that for me and I think that is pretty amazing. 

Heather, Phil and I

Anthony and I

"Please Stand Up"

 (I used some of the lyrics in this song as the title of this entry)

"Just Want More"

"Don't Look Back"

 "Blonde Hair Blue Eyes"

"Camera Shy"

"Show Me" (The whole song this time.)


P.S. If Anthony and Phil happen to read this:

 I know Heather and I have told you this a million times...
 but thank you so much for coming back and playing for us.
 You guys are awesome and we can't wait to see you again.