Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls Night Out

On August 22nd my sister and I were on our way to the lake for a family reunion. We were listening to the radio (Alice 107.7) when I heard it...Jason Castro was coming to Little Rock for the 2nd annual Girls Night Out.  Immediately after hearing this I decided I was going to attend this event.  The DJ on the radio continued to list the names of all the artist that would be there, while playing a clip of each artist most popular song in between names. That is when I heard "Stay" and totally freaked, because this meant SafetySuit was coming also.

The DJ said Jessie James would be there, but I didn't care because I wasn't a fan of her. Since I had found out SafetySuit was going to be there I didn't really care about seeing Jason anymore, I was now going only for SafetySuit.

When we got to the lake I found my mom and told her all about Girls Night Out, she said she wanted to go too (not for the music, but for all the booths that would be selling purses, clothes and jewelery.)

Later that night I tweeted about how excited I was that Jason Castro and SafetySuit were coming in September. The next morning I woke up to find that I had a new follower, This made me very happy...because who wouldn't want more followers? My new follower was Jeremy Henshaw (bass player for SafetySuit, @JSafetySuit) He follows everyone that follows him and I think he also at random times types SafetySuit into the Twitter search bar to see what people are saying about them and starts following fans/random people that way (which is kinda creepy and awesome all at the same time.)

I follow pretty much everyone who follows me so I followed him back, then tweeted him saying that I heard SafetySuit was coming to Little Rock and I was hopefully going to to be able to be there. I didn't really expect a response from him seeing as he has thousands of other followers who probably tweeted him constantly, but I woke up the next morning and was surprised to see that I had a reply from him.

The only SafetySuit song I knew at this point was "Stay"  I figured I should buy their album "Life Left To Go" since I was going to see them soon and since a member of the band had taken the time to tweet me. (Plus I just wanted it anyway...now seemed like a good time to buy it.)

September 17th had finally arrived. My friend Andrea, mom and I were on our way to The Metroplex for Girls Night Out. We were trying to decide on a place to eat before the show, I had suggested Wendy's because it was fast food...which meant we would get to the venue sooner. Mom insisted we go someplace where you could go in, sit and have a nice meal. I tried to talk her out of this, so we would make it to The Metroplex early enough to make sure we got a good spot infront of the stage and get there on time so we didn't miss any of the acts.

My mom ended up winning and we went to a place we had never been before called Copeland's.  Basically the only lighting this place had were little lamps on the table, they took way too long to bring us our food and when we finally got it, it wasn't even good.  The whole time we were eating I was paranoid that we weren't going to get to the show on time since this stupid resturant had taken so long.  I tried to hurry everyone, but they were taking their sweet time and didn't seem to realize how excited I was for what was about to happen.

Finally we arrived at The Metroplex. There were tons of people everywhere.  As we were going in I noticed a cell phone laying on the sidewalk, my mom picked it up and searched through the contacts list for "Home." "Mom" or "Dad." It took forever, but we finally tracked down the owner of the phone.

We went up to a booth and asked the lady behind it when SafetySuit was going to take the stage...she looked at me and said "Oh, they were on about 30 minutes ago." I was so mad. I honestly wanted to hit her in the face (yes, I know it wasn't her fault I just wanted to take my anger out on someone.) Just so you know no one got hit in the face.   Then she asked a rhetorical question "was that the wrong answer?" Um, yeah. They were only the whole reason I bought tickets.  Soon after this while no one was looking I actually cried. (Don't judge me!)

By this time Jessie James was almost done with her set. She sang "Wanted" the only song of hers I knew and I have to admit she was really good live, I just didn't want to admit it then because I wanted to be mad for awhile.  Before Jason come on stage we asked a security guard if he could help us find a good spot by the stage so I would actually be able to see.  Somehow we ended up telling the security guard our whole SafetySuit sob story and he felt bad so he went back to their dressing room to see if they were still there, if they were he was going to let me meet them. (They weren't. I figured they wouldn't be. So I didn't get my hopes up.)

He said that SafetySuit ended up having to trade spots with Jessie and be the opening act, because something had come up in their schedule and they had to leave earlier than they had planned.

We were actually able to sit side stage for Jason's preformance.  He was even more amazing than he had been when he was on American Idol.

As Jason was wrapping up his set "our" security guard motioned for all us to come back stage and asked me if I wanted to meet Jason. Um, duh! I didn't say that of course...I very happily said yes and thanked him. A DJ at the event had said earlier that Jason would be at a booth after the show to take pictures, but he did not have time for autographs. Before Jason went to said booth he came backstage to meet us. He gave me his autograph and I didn't even ask, I was happy because I was the only one that got one that night.  Jason's dad, Mr. RenĂ© was with him, we talked for a while and then took a picture.

My mom didn't know how to turn on my camera, so I tried to tell her how to do it, but she wasn't listening, Mr. RenĂ© took the camera to see if he could figure it out but he couldn't do it either. (It's not hard. I don't know why they were so confused.) I told them to let me do it. It seemed as if they were tuning me out, because they were trying to figure it out together. (They took forever.) Jason finally got their attention and told his dad just to hand it to me. I turned it on and handed it back to my mom.

Mom then talked about how beautiful Jason's eyes are and said she wanted a close up of them.

Even though I didn't get to see SafetySuit, I still had fun and left the show very happy.


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