Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Star Takes The Stage

A year ago today I went to a David Cook show...he had been to Arkansas twice before and unfortunately I missed him both times. When I found out he was coming back again I refused to miss it.  I went with my sister, cousin and aunt.  The show was at The Rev Room. (my favorite venue)

The night before the show I Googled David's opener Ryan Star, since I had never heard of him (I didn't want to have another Darude incident...we'll get to that in the Blake Lewis entry, coming soon.)  I found his music video for  his song "Last Train Home" which made me even more excited for the next night.

We got to The Rev Room and since I was 19 they had to mark my hands, before the bouncer at the door did I made it clear to everyone around me that I hated getting my hands marked because they always make the x’s huge, which are hard to wash off. I stuck my hands out to be marked. The bouncer made a small x on both hands…he then proceeded to draw hearts around the x’s (great…I thought I told you I wanted to be able to get them off easy.)

We went inside and I was happy to find that no one had taken our usual spot. Soon it was time for the show to begin. Ryan played his set and I was amazed by this man’s talent. He was much better than I had expected.

After Ryan was finished with his set he went over to the merch table to meet with fans. The table happened to be right behind us, so when Ryan was walking through the crowd he stopped to pose for my cousin so she could take a picture of him with her cell phone.

We waited for the line at the merch table to clear out a little before my aunt and I went over to talk to Ryan. We talked for a while, he told me I was beautiful and that he liked my style. My aunt took a picture of Ryan and I. Then we went back to our spot because David was about to take the stage.

David was just as amazing as he had been on American Idol, but honestly I liked Ryan’s performance better. At some point while David was playing I decided to look through my camera to see how my picture with Ryan turned out (I blinked….so it was horrible.)

David called Ryan on stage before he sang “Avalanche” and told us all how great the tour with Ryan had been. Ryan then dropped to his knees as if he were going to propose to David. He quickly hopped up and gave David a kiss on the cheek. David shied away from Ryan and made a comment that they couldn’t do that because they were in the Bible belt…to which Ryan replied:

“It’s ok, Bill Clinton’s from here.” Everyone started laughing.

After the show I went up to Ryan and demanded we take another picture since I blinked in our first one. Heather (my sister) took the picture and this is what we got.

The next morning I had to go to the orthodontist to get my braces taken off. When I got home from the orthodontist I looked Ryan up on iTunes and bought his album “Songs From the Eye of an Elephant” without
even listening to it first.  The 12th track on the album was "Perfect"

"Got my braces off of me this morning..." "Lala, hey you're perfect now just smile."

I thought it was awesome that I found this song that day...on the day I got my braces off. A lot of my family and friends call me Lala, so I thought it was pretty cool that those were the lyrics.

When Ryan was a teenager he formed a band called Stage, they played at local clubs and even had a gig at CBGB's. The band got signed and released a self-titled album.  Then the members of Stage decided to go their seperate ways. 

If you think you have never heard any of Ryan's music you are probably wrong. Ever watch the movie P.S. I Love You? "Last Train Home" was used in the film and made the soundtrack.

Watch The History Channel? Ryan's song "Right Now" was used in a summer promo:

Or maybe you watch Lie To Me...his song "Brand New Day" is the theme song:

They also used his song "Breathe" in this year's American Idol Top 12 promo:

His new album "11:59" is coming soon! August 3rd.


P.S. Yes, I know I promised this time it really would be about Candlebox...well sorry, I lied again.  We will get to them at some point though.

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