Thursday, April 22, 2010

More About Small Town Sleeper

As soon as I woke up the morning after the Daughtry show I knew what I had to do...I had to know more about this Ohio band Small Town Sleeper. I spent the whole day researching them. I sent them a friend request on Myspace and within a few hours my request had been accepted. I checked YouTube to see if I could find any Small Town Sleeper videos. I found out quickly that they were some pretty crazy guys, I had only seen this video so far and I could already tell I was going to love this band...not only for their talent but also as people.

I keep telling you how amazing this band is, but I have yet to show you. Just watch this video and you will see.

in October 2007 Small Town Sleeper came back to Little Rock to do another show but you had to be 21+ to get in. I was only 17 at this time and I was very dissapointed that they were going to be so close to me but I wasn't allowed to see them. Over the next few months I had added all of the members of STS on each of their personal Facebook and Myspace profiles and had begun talking to them via the internet. Soon I felt as if I was able to call them friends.


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